Thursday, December 8, 2011

Senator Al Franken and Big Government Hypocrisy on Privacy

Senator Al Franken claims to be concerned about your privacy, but he know that “the government… [actually pays] billions to corporations to spy on you, both for monitoring technologies and wiretap fees. So maybe the fears are not entirely unfounded. But surely people should recognize that without politicians to fund a huge government-industrial anti-terrorist/IP pirate complex, and without highly-regulated government-granted monopolies of telecom services, spying on your customers would not be a huge profit center.

“It gets worse. Senator Al Franken chairs the Senate’s Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and the Law and is a co-sponsor of the COICA and PROTECT IP (SOPA) acts, which would create a censorship firewall around the USA in the name of protecting us from piracy and allow the government to seize any website without any due process whatsoever. He also voted twice to extend the Patriot Act – after many years of criticizing the Bush administration for the same. Furthermore, he is a leading champion of net neutrality – or ever stricter “fairness” rules for telecoms.” [Emphasis added.]

[Full article found here: ] Thanks to Mises Institute.

The government is concerned about your privacy, in much the same way that many politicians are concerned about private property rights. The primary concerns appears to be that we citizens might have too much privacy and too many private property rights.

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