Monday, December 12, 2011

The bizarre essence of environmentalism

“The bizarre essence of environmentalism becomes manifest when we observe how the character of the environmentalist attacks has changed over time—for the environmentalists, the particular object of the criticism is not that important. What is important is to evoke the sense of peril, to foresee a danger of undreamed-of magnitude, to show the acuteness of the threat. As this kind of atmosphere is created, a new obligation emerges: to act quickly (possibly right now), without paying attention to details or costs of the newly employed measure. In this atmosphere, the rule becomes to ignore entirely the opportunity costs (that is, the expenses and profit wasted by rearranging priorities); to omit the usual, allegedly slow procedures of representative democracy; to disregard the common, ordinary people (because explaining everything to them would be too time consuming); and to decide directly, with the aid of those who know how things work.” (p.5f)
Blue Planet in Green Shackles Vaclav Klaus
This brief excerpt explains both the duplicity of the anthropogenic global warming and climate change radicals and their willingness to bypass the normal controls and limits established by a constitutionally limited democratic republic.

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