Sunday, December 25, 2011

The lie of international socialists (communists) as “liberators” and “champions of justice”

Communists and so-called “international socialists” portray themselves as democratic liberators and champions of justice, yet here is their 70 history beginning with1917:

  • 60 MILLION KILLED in the Soviet Union | 40% of these were executed directly by Communist officials
  • 66 MILLION IMPRISONED in Soviet prisons and concentration camps (GULAG)
  • At least half of these totals of killed and imprisoned were Christians
  • As late as 1982, there were still an estimated 10 MILLION people being IMPRISONED in about 1,000 concentration camps and prisons in the former U.S.S.R.
  • According to the International Red Cross, at least ONE MILLION people were IMPRISONED in the Soviet Union for "religious" offenses alone
  • There were OVER 500,000 IMPRISONED in political and religious concentration camps in Communist Vietnam. (Que Me, 1985)
  • More than ONE MILLION Afghans were KILLED by the Soviet Army between 1979 and 1985. (Helsinki Watch Committee, 1985)
  • Over THREE MILLION Cambodians (40% of the population) were KILLED by the Marxist Khmer Rouge during Pol Pot's reign of terror
  • About 1,800 Christian churches were forcibly closed by Marxists in Ethiopia during early 1985

It is worth remembering that a good many labor union leaders in the U.S. are also big supporters of communism or international socialism.

Communists also say the oppose aggression and are peace-loving. But look at their record:

Lastly, Communists claim to oppose colonialism for “democratic” reasons, but the Soviet Union was the last major colonial power on earth. Native Russians made up only half the population of the USSR. There were 63 major national groups and more than 127 languages engulfed by the Soviet colonialism.

Never trust a Leftists!

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