Thursday, December 29, 2011

Liberals enslave the poor to their poverty

It is ongoing liberal, so-called “progressive,” Democrat public policies that keep many minorities in the U.S. today enslaved, by and large, to programs that reduce their incentive to industry, commerce, and self-improvement. It is a further shame that such public policies and such ongoing class warfare is frequently encouraged by liberal-minded, power-hungry leadership within the minority communities themselves.

These programs function not only as a disincentive to work (i.e., actually have a job), but they also lead to the deterioration of minority neighborhoods as more and more (especially) males are jobless and on the streets day after day. Their hopeless state brought about through well-intentioned but dramatically misguided public welfare programs, leads to increased involvement with drugs and crime while two-parent homes dissolve because the welfare programs pay better when there is no 'bread-winner' in the household.

NOTE: If you don’t want to take my word for it, then at least click on the links in this post and read what is written there before contacting me. Thank you.

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Angela Field said...

While I do agree that there is and has been for centuries "class warfare" I am not convinced that this is a liberal issue, or that liberals are to blame for this situation.