Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Congress Gets a Pay Raise???

Under existing law, as part of a deal to give up outside income from speeches and other sources, Congress receives an automatic pay raise unless it votes otherwise. In January, Congress will receive a raise of $4,700 to an average of about $174,000 (plus all the perks).

I don't think Congress deserves a pay raise, so this is what I told them:

I oppose giving Congress a pay raise this year because they have NOT been doing their job. Congress' job is to maintain a government competent to defend the rights of citizens against oppressors both foreign and domestic; and to limit its own powers so as to render it (the federal government) harmless to the liberties of those it governs.

The current economic debacle is clear evidence that Congress either does not KNOW its duties to U.S. citizens or it has entirely lost its way in pursuing those duties.

What are YOU going to tell them?

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