Friday, December 12, 2008

A Bad Week for Team Obama

This has been a bad week for Team Obama. Since Election Day, these characters have been desperately trying to recast themselves as "centrist," and distance their captain from the cadre of unsavory characters which gave him rise.

The big news was the arrest of one of the team's former coaches, Illinois Gov. Milorad "Rod" Blah-goy-ah-vich, in what is arguably the most impressive case of public corruption since the Clintonistas were in the White House.

I am shocked -- SHOCKED -- to report that Barry Obama's hometown of Chicago is a cesspool of political corruption. At least Bill and Hillary had a chance to hang the White House drapes before their patrons and benefactors began to collect indictments. But then, Obama did promise "change you can believe in."

-- Mark Alexander writing in ThePatriotPost.

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Tim said...

Yeah, Chicago's got to go back at least 100 years to clear that "cesspool of corruption" tag.