Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chicago Sit-In, et al

The other day my wife showed me a blurb for a $250 short-course on "Constitutional Law" with the thought that I might be interested in taking it. I told her that I'd probably only be willing to pay for such a course if I were thinking about running for Congress in the next couple of years.

I later recanted because it is all too obvious that understanding the Constitution is not a prerequisite for serving in Congress. In fact, it appears that blatant disregard for Constitutional principles is becoming the key factor in getting elected and re-elected to federal Constitutional offices.

In the event our Congressmen and Senators have forgotten, we already have a federal program in place for dealing with the situation in Chicago (the sit-in by displaced workers in a failed company) and for the U.S. automakers. That program is called the "Bankruptcy Courts."

We don't need to have Congress and President-elect Obama using these situations as an excuse to drive forward with their Socialist agenda.

Call, write, or otherwise trouble your Senators and Representatives to let them know we do not want to become another failed attempt at Socialism. The free market and free enterprise work when given a chance.

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