Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On Good Government

There is ONE and ONLY ONE good government: That is the kingdom of God -- for only God is omniscient, omnipotent AND beneficent. Since every human government lacks omniscience and omnipotence it, therefore, cannot be fully beneficent. The human government's limited knowledge is a de facto cause of its inability to know what is truly "good" under ALL circumstances for ALL people for both now and the future its actions will bring about.

That being said, the BEST HUMAN GOVERNMENT is self-governance. That is, that every human being would always do what is proper and just and good. In such a case, no other human governance would be required.

Since human beings, unfortunately, do NOT always do what is proper and just and good, therefore, we rely upon a just government to enforce rules of law that we deem to be proper and just and good. We also rely upon governments to defend us from external attacks from other nations that would do us harm.

Working from these underlying matters, we may conclude that the BEST HUMAN GOVERNMENT is the government that GOVERNS LEAST -- that ONLY interferes when human beings do not perform that which is proper and just and good upon their own will. All other matters should be left to the individuals.

Problems arise in democratic societies when the elected assemblies become unrestrained by either their own integrity (to know and understand what is proper and just and good) or the rule of law. In our case, we have such an imperious assembly (Congress) that has, for the most part, abandoned the rule of law (in the U.S. Constitution) and is no longer impeded by either a sound judicial branch or an administrative branch that heeds the Constitution.

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