Friday, February 13, 2009

My Message to Minnesota DFL Legislators

Here's what I wrote today to DFL members of the Minnesota legislature:

To DFL Members of the Minnesota Legislature:

I wanted to take time to personally thank you for the DFL's willingness to take a stand AGAINST voters actually having to PROVE who they are when they go to the polls here in Minnesota. I wanted you to know that you have made another contribution to the DEGRADATION of CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY in this state and in the U.S. at large.

In my parent's day, when one wished to register to vote, one had to PERSONALLY APPEAR before a county official (typically), present EVIDENCE OF U.S. CITIZENSHIP and (in some jurisdictions) SWEAR ALLEGIANCE to the United States of America. Now, thanks to the DEMOCRAT PARTY it is possible in some jurisdictions for one to cast a vote having registered by mail and never have to appear anywhere. How can we be assured that some of these voters even EXIST, let alone whether they are CITIZENS of the United States? Voting is a right of CITIZENSHIP, not of "existence" -- but we can't even prove EXISTENCE!

It is NO SECRET that the DEMOCRAT PARTY supports such a DEGRADATION of our VOTING SYSTEMS in the U.S. because they NEED ongoing VOTER FRAUD to stay in Office in many cases. I just wish you'd think about how you are DEGRADING and DESTROYING the very things that have made the United States a great nation.

What do YOU think?

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