Monday, February 9, 2009

My Latest Message to Congress and the U.S. Senate

Here's a message I sent to House and Senate members today:

Please stick to your principles on the stimulus package and EVERY OTHER ISSUE you address this year no matter what the cost. Perhaps it would be encouraging for you to go back to look at what the political map looked like the morning after a TRUE CONSERVATIVE -- Ronald Reagan -- ran for U.S. President.

He did NOT cave in to the LEFT. Instead, he carried the message to Americans that what they REALLY believe in and WANT is an America that lives by CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES.

Make citizens aware of the DANGERS of the LEFT-WING IDEOLOGIES and the majority WILL stand behind you.

P.S.: Don't cave into the Republican governors either -- including Governors Palen and Pawlenty. Let them face their own music. You are NOT responsible for their plight. They signed the legislation in their own states and spent the money through their own administrations. They can get their own houses in order.

What are YOU going to tell them?

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