Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How about some good old political repentance from the GOP?

I think that there would be few things more beneficial to the Republican Party (GOP) than a general catharsis of heartfelt repentance among its politicians for their unprincipled behavior with regard to limited government, the U.S. Constitution, support for corporate bailouts, and their general propensity to succumb to pressure from special interests.

For GOP officeholders to simply stand before the public and say:

"We see where we are have gone wrong and have found that you, the people, are wiser than we thought we were.  Forgive us.  We are going to change our ways.  We are going to fight for YOU and return power to YOU and cease from our own corrosive power-seeking ways that have helped lead our nation to this brink of disaster and the collapse of sound government."

This would be a great thing, would it not? And it would, to a great extent, end the fears of erosion of GOP support by third-party conservatives.

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