Monday, February 27, 2012

Conservative black woman speaks up at Al Sharpton rally

“In 1960 over 80 percent of black babies were born in two-parent households. After welfare… (I work in the inner city, I work with kids that look like me) …after LBJ’s welfare policies in the 60's in the inner city over 90 percent of kids are born without fathers. Because the liberal establishment wants to break apart the nuclear family. Because they want kids controlled by the state. That’s what Karl Marx said. So let’s talk about that!”

-- A conservative young black woman speaking up at an Al Sharpton rally in Washington, DC

[Originally reported September 2, 2010]


Renz M said...

Amen! The liberal/progressive dirty little secret. I so wish all black Americans understood this, as well as the long-standing relationship between the KKK and the Democrat party prior to the Civil Rights years.

MLK was a Republican for a reason before he had his arm twisted to change parties... So sad that we don't know HISTORY.

RDCushing said...

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