Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Real Plan for a Real Future...

"My plan… is rooted in a strategy for economic growth, a program that sees the American economic system as it is - a huge, complex, dynamic system - that can work if the American people get a chance to work….

"At the heart of [my] strategy for economic growth are eight major steps:
  1. We must keep the rate of growth of government spending at reasonable and prudent levels.
  2. We must reduce personal income tax rates and accelerate and simplify depreciation schedules for business in an orderly, systematic way to provide incentives to work, savings, investment, and productivity.
  3. We must review regulations that effect the economy, and change or eliminate them to encourage economic growth.
  4. We must establish a stable, sound, and predictable monetary policy.
  5. We must promote the export of American products abroad.
  6. We must revitalize American industry.
  7. We must adopt an energy policy that will allow our economy to grow, and our standard of living to rise.
  8. And we must restore confidence by following a consistent national economic policy that does not change from month to month." -- Ronald Reagan (1980)


NIFTYTAX said...

My concept for tax reform using retirement savings accounts will provide for ALL of the items listed in your "Real Plan for a Real Future "
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