Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Out of control

Can those who man the ship of state in these United States deny that it is out of control? Can the Obama administration deny this? Can Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid? Can even any one of our Republican Senators or Congressmen deny that the U.S. government is out of control?

Our national debt is approaching $12 trillion -- that would be a stack of $1,000-bills more than 800 miles high! The budget deficit this year alone is more than $1.3 trillion.

The total of each U.S. citizen's share of the national debt is $38,926 -- for every man, woman and child, while the Gross Domestic Product per citizen barely exceeds that amount ($39,591).

The INTEREST alone on our national debt in fiscal year 2009 was more than $383 billion.

Adding to our troubles is a mass of government regulations imposed on businesses by huge bureaucracies that add more than $250 billion to the price of things we all buy and reduces our ability to produce them.

The government -- at every level -- has become a huge funnel taking money (by force and coercion through taxes) from "producers" (i.e., working people and firms) and giving that money to (mostly) "non-producers." Non-producers are those who contribute nothing to the U.S. economy, adding nothing to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Examples would be politicians, bureaucrats, and most entitlement program recipients.

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