Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obama White House Maneuvers for Permanent Control

The real DANGER is that the machinations of the current Democrat Congress and the Obama administration are NOT just doing damage to the U.S. economy. Many of their moves are designed to secure a political LOCK-IN for years to come.

1. Place control of the upcoming 2010 U.S. census in the hands of the White House to assure the outcome is favorable to Democrats when reapportionment comes about.

2. Save the TRADE UNIONS from their slow demise through deceptive new legislation -- because union members vote Democrat in disproportionate numbers.

3. Vastly increase the number of GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES -- at all levels -- because government employees vote Democrat in disproportionate numbers.

4. Enlarge existing and create entirely NEW ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS because those who receive government hand-outs vote Democrat in large numbers.

5. Assure that no legislation encumbers the U.S. election processes with anything that could be called real INTEGRITY, for the fraud virtually always favors Democrats.

6. Give government handouts to groups like ACORN, because these groups encourage election fraud and abuse, and they stir up class envy and hatred, which tends to work in the favor of Democrats at the polls.

7. Provide GOVERNMENT BAILOUTS to banks and securities trading firms in order to ingratiate them to the Democrats and to assure a continuing stream of political contributions from this sector of the economy.

8. Encumber FREE SPEECH through rules and regulations tended to, more than anything else, quash conservative conversation in the public media.

9. Encourage continuing ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION because illegal immigrants -- who shouldn't be allowed to vote in the U.S. elections AT ALL -- vote disproportionately in support of Democrats.

I'm sure there's more, I just can't think of them at this moment.

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