Friday, March 20, 2009

My Opposition to Obama's Proposed $1 Trillion Tax Hike

Here's a message I just sent to Minnesota Senators:

I am strongly opposed to any form of energy tax, like cap-and-trade, that will, in President Obama's own words, cause electricity prices to skyrocket. During a time of economic distress, hitting families with such a burden of rising prices would be a mistake and can't be justified.

Even if you disagree on the cap-and-trade issue, however, I hope you'll agree that such an enormous substantive policy change has no place in the reconciliation process, which would amount to a procedural trick to enact the plan without proper debate and the usual rules that encourage bipartisan cooperation and consensus-building.

I urge you to join the growing number of senators who have taken a strong stand against including cap-and-trade in reconciliation. Whenever cap-and-trade does advance as legislation, I urge you to consider the interests of regular American taxpayers and consumers and oppose it.
What are YOU going to tell them?

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