Monday, April 2, 2012

Who is for liberty?

All we want to know in America is simply this: who is for liberty and who is not? Those who are for it, will support it; while those who oppose or seek to betray it for what they deem some higher or nobler cause (falsely so-called) must be exposed for what they really are—enemies of liberty.

This is my work and your work: to expose the enemies of liberty, even if they operate with the best of intentions.

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anne-marie holloway said...

Liberty-freedom from slavery,etc-a particular right- plural-excessive familiarity-At liberty-not confined-permitted-==Equals life with out sin.Having truth justice for all.Law and order to ensure liberty.When lies dominate society it takes away from peoples liberty.Lies takes freedom of choice away.Deception ruins freedom.When truth is placed out there one can vote for the best choice for a president.But when decption is put out there,u do not know what u are getting.In a pace of authority over peoples lives.Thats why LAWS are important-Bad president break LAW not a President of Authority in Gods eyes,One nation under one God.And he is watching: History and truth to reality-in progress