Monday, January 16, 2012

On the power of corporations, unions and other special interest groups

Corporations, special interests (groups) and lobbyists—bad as they may be—have no authority nor power to coerce a Congressional Representative or Senator to do that which hurts the taxpayer, damages the economy, destroys jobs, prolongs unemployment, increases the size of government or add to our deficit and public debt.

Only our elected representatives—only the politicians in Washington and our State houses—have the power to do these damaging things. Sadly, our elected officeholders come quickly to sanctify every act in pursuit of re-election above the sanctity of our U.S. Constitution or the good of the people and the American economy. It is by this wrong priority that the politician becomes readily “hooked” on the dollars offered to him or her by the special interests and take actions that damage the American republic.

Only WE, THE PEOPLE, have the authority to remove from office—by our votes—those officeholders who succumb to the siren sound of special interest money and influence.

Yes! It is WE, THE PEOPLE, through our own lack of vigilance to our duty, that have allowed the evolution of a federal government that has forgotten our Constitution, forgotten limited government, and forgotten the need for sound money. And, it is WE, THE PEOPLE, who can and must fix it.

Change your politicians often! They easily dirty, and generally do so very quickly!


Anonymous said...

I can't think of a single corporation that ever forced me to buy their product, hand over money or give up my freedom st the point of a gun. The Government does this to me daily. Now: who's side should I be on?

RDCushing said...

You are, of course, correct. Government is the coercive factor. Collusion between government and corporations is also a danger to liberty and the economy.

Anonymous said...

I love my country. I fear the government.