Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Health care message I just sent to several Senators

Here's the message I just sent to several Democrat "bluedog" Senators:

Senator, you are too smart to be bullied into doing something that you KNOW (in your heart) is BAD FOR THE UNITED STATES, BAD for the U.S. TAXPAYER, and is merely taking this great nation further down the road to SOCIALISM.

Socialist/collectivist philosophies have NEVER BUILT a GREAT NATION! The only evidence of history is that socialist/collectivist thinking is ONLY capable of CONSUMING the wealth of nations built through individual efforts and initiative.

Take another look at all the FRAUD AND WASTE in the current Medicare program and tell us (voters) that you REALLY WANT TO ENLARGE that kind "government efficiency" for more Americans?  And at what cost?

Medicare ESTIMATE (1967) for spending in 1990 = $12 billion; Medicare ACTUAL spending in 1990 = $110 billion (off by a factor of 900%)!

Medicaid DSH ESTIMATE (1987) for spending in 1992 = $1 billion; Medicaid ACTUAL spending in 1992 = $17 billion (off by a factor of 1700%)!

What makes you think that ANY ESTIMATE OF SOME TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS TODAY for health care will be any more accurate than the boondoggle estimates of the past?

Stop and think, Senator.  Vote AGAINST one more hugely expensive boondoggle that will only help DESTROY the U.S. as we know it.

Thank you.

/s/ Richard D. Cushing


Scott T. Allison said...

Richard, when you run for office you have my vote and full support.

RDCushing said...

Mr. Allison:

Thank you for you kind comments. My wife and I have almost completed raising nine children (with varying degrees of "success") from one marriage of more than 40 years. We have done so almost exclusively on a single income and with almost no government aid (there have been a couple of minor exceptions over the years). The net result is that I have no real "war chest" with which to even consider a run for office.

However, I am offering my consulting aid pro bono to any genuinely conservative candidates in order to help make their campaigns for office more effective in less time, with less energy, and less money wasted.

Actually, I'd consider running for office, but I just don't (as the saying goes) see it in the cards.