Monday, October 5, 2009

Becoming a bee...

“The social insects [such as ants and bees] demonstrate a near approach to the ideal of the socialist society…. The wishes of the individual insect are not allowed to come in conflict with his bounden duty to the colony. Unlimited cooperation, with a total lack of competition within their society, seems to prevail. In fact, the individual insect seems incapable of either a thought or a wish.


“These insect colonies are highly materialistic. Moral and spiritual considerations play no part…. Population is rigidly controlled. By killing those that do not work and by ruthlessly destroying the ill and the aged, full employment and ‘high’ productivity is maintained…. A high ‘national income’ is maintained by imposing compulsion of labor at an early age, by compulsion of long work weeks and by prohibiting vacations either with or without pay. Whereas the individual insect exhibits no self-interest, the self interests of the colony are substituted therefore; the two are in one sense similar, though the colony-selfishness operates on a huge scale whereby the mass of insects are driven into supporting it by blind allegiance.”

Harper, Dr. Floyd A. Liberty - A Path to Its Recovery. Irving-on-Hudson, NY: Foundation for Economic Education, The, 1949.

All this is becoming much too real a possibility to me. Keep writing your Congressmen and Senators. Many of them have forgotten the first principals of these United States.

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