Friday, January 9, 2009

The Cowardly Work of Hamas in Gaza

There is a Web site that posts a graphical display of the supposed "Coffin Count" in the present Israel - Hamas conflict in Gaza. Click here to see it.

Since the Web site offers no place to comment nor a link by which to contact its creator, I offer here an open letter in response:

Dear Madame or Sir:

Perhaps, if you had any sense of fairness, you should note on your Website that the cowardly Islamic radicals known as the Hamas could dramatically reduce the Palestinian death rate by ceasing their practice of waging their side of the conflict from schools, hospitals, private homes (not their own) and other centers of public (non-combatant) activity. Hamas' hiding behind the skirts of women and the fair faces of children can be described in no other way than cowardice. The Hezbolah conduct their cowardly attacks on Israel in the same manner.

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